Why PMD for your Property Management Solution?

PMD’s licensed community association managers are committed to effectively assessing and resolving community issues in a responsive, timely and professional manner. PMD managers are assigned limited portfolios, reflecting our commitment to not over-burdening our capable staff, thereby allowing them to provide the maximum level of service to their associations.

Property Management by Design strives to ensure a rewarding workplace that encourages my team to excel and exceed their associations’ expectations. In order to develop this mutually beneficial relationship, we work diligently with our Board Members to select a specific management team to best suit the personality of their unique community. This “match-making” helps ensure a smooth working relationship enabling the community to reach its desired goals efficiently and effectively.


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Professional Agencies

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Emergency Services and Hurricane Procedures

Your assigned manager will set up the Emergency Profile specific to your community’s needs.

They then administer and ensure a 24-hour, seven day per week telephone call program. PMD prides itself on past hurricane and storm performance and while always hoping for a quiet storm season, our managers are ready to coordinate hurricane preparation and clean-up services when needed.