Homeowners Associations

Are Increasing management fees affecting your budget?

Do you find your associations costs increasing by ala cart services?

Have your associations' needs been lost with an ever growing management company?

If you answered yes, Call us.
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Condominium Associations

Is your association getting the attention that it's paying for?

Does your Property Management company know who you are when you call?

Are association deadlines really being met?

Do you get excuses instead of clear concise answers? Call us to discuss our solutions.

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Time Share Associations

Want to occupy vacant properties
easier and faster?

Our network of Property Management companies across the state can facilitate your needs with a single point of contact.
Our services remain unmatched in the industry. Are you confident with your needs? Call us.

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Property Management by Design is your Associations' best "Boutique Solution". Because we carefully limit the number of associations that we manage, your Association will always be in "our front window"*

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Why Choose PMD?

Property Management by Design has over a decade of experience managing HOA & PUD, Condo and Time Share Associations. Our dedicated staff remains committed to providing the "perfect balance" to meet your associations' day to day needs, while delivering solutions to your associations challenges, providing customized services for your specific needs that large property management companies simply cannot do.

Colette Ciliberti, LCAM and the staff at Property Management by Design provides complete property management solutions addressing all of your Associations needs with a single point of contact.

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About Us

Property Management by Design remains the only property management company that provides dedicated staff to meet your associations needs. When you call or e-mail us, you can count on our dedicated team to provide quick and efficient solutions in an instant. Our services continue to remain unmatched

Our Mission

To provide a wide variety of services to meet all of your property management needs in "one stop".

PMD and its affiliations with a wide variety of licensed, approved contractors will meet all of your associations' needs, from landscaping to roofing and accounting solutions, and everything imaginable in between.